Leonid Margarius

Born in the Ukraine, there he received a specialized musical education, developing his talent under the guidance of Regina Horowitz in the town of Kharkov.
He then went on to conclude his studies in the School for High Musical Specialization at the Conservatory of Moscow.
After intensive concert activity, he proved himself to be both an extraordinary teacher and mentor to numerous young artists as well as the winners of some of the most prestigious international piano competitions:
First Prizes at the “Reine Elizabeth” (Queen Elizabeth) Competition in Brussels (1999), the Busoni of Bolzano in Italy (1992 and 2001), the Montreal Competition in Canada (1996),  the Paloma O’Shea in Santander, Spain (2005), the Maria Canals(Barcelona 2010), the Maj Lind in Helsinki, Finland (2002), the Concertino of Prague in the Czech Republic (1991), the Minnesota International e-Piano Competition(USA,2009), the Pinerolo Competition in Italy(1998),the "Viotti" in Vercelli(2005), the “Città di Cantù” (City of Cantù) (1998,2001,2005 2006), the“Premio Venezia”(Venezia 2007,2008,2012), the Chopin Competition ( Roma 2009) in Italy
among others;
Second Prizes at Busoni, Italy (2003), Rubenstein in Tel Aviv (1996), the London Competition in the United Kingdom (2002,2009), and the Long-Thibaud in Paris, France (2004), the Maj Lind in Finland(2012)among others.
His apprentices have also distinguished themselves at the aforementioned Tchiaikovsky Competition in Moscow, Reine Elizabeth Competition (2003,2007), the Chopin Competition in Warsaw (Poland), and the Leeds Competition (United Kingdom 1989,2009), as well as competitions in Hamamatsu (Japan) and Sydney (Australia), the Unisa Competition in Pretoria (South Africa), the Schumann Competition in Zwickau (Germany), the Bach Competitions in Leipzig and Saarbrucken (Germany), the Lysenko Competitions in Kiev and Lvov (Ukraine) as well as many others.
For his outstanding personal contribution given to national cultural development as well as his role in the preparation of the country’s musical elite, the President of the Republic of Ukraine awarded Maestro Margarius with the title of “Leading Personality in the World of Culture” in 1993.
Since 1995, Leonid Margarius has been a professor at the “Incontri col Maestro” International Piano Academy in Imola, Italy.
He is often called to take part in judging some of the most important piano competitions and he holds Master Classes in various countries throughout the world.