Marcello Abbado

Marcello Abbado is equally noted as a pianist and composer. As a pianist he has appeared in Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Australia on such stages as La Scala in Milan, the Salle Gaveau in Paris, the Musikverein in Vienna, the Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest, the Bolshoi Hall in the Conservatory Tchaikovsky of Moscow, the Teatro Coliseo in Buenos Aires and the principal arenas of London, Montreal, New York, Peking, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo. He has appeared as soloist with many great conductors including Guido Cantelli and the composer Paul Hindemith invited him to perform in many concerts. Marcello Abbado has a particular relationship with Wolfgang Sawallisch and the Vienna Philharmonic, whom he has partnered in many performances of Mozart concertos in Vienna. He has been conductor and soloist in the twenty seven Concertos for the piano and orchestra by Mozart. After 9 tours in South America, he commemorated Bach and Scarlatti by executing monographical programs, as well Tchaikovsky and Prokofiev by carrying out some Concertos for piano and orchestra, including the Concerto for the left hand. He has carried out the entire piano work of Debussy. He has held masterclasses in Europe, Central Asia, China, Japan and USA. Recently Marcello Abbado have played in Australia also.
Marcello Abbado’s compositions are published by Carisch, Curci, Ricordi and Suvini Zerboni of Milan; these include the ballets “Scena senza storia” and “Hawaii 2000”. Music for “La voix humaine” by Jean Cocteau (2003); “Il buio sopra un tema di Mozart”; “Hommage à Debussy”; “Costruzioni …and Ricostruzioni 2007”; “Double concerto”; “Quadruple concerto”; “La strage degli innocenti” for vocal soloist, choir and orchestra; “Variazioni armoniche su “Marche funèbre del Signor Maestro Contrapunto” di Mozart (2001); “Ostinato sopra un ritmo della Sinfonia del Signor Bruschino di Rossini” for piano, strings and percussion; “Concerto” for flute and orchestra (2002); “Asif, Saleem, Nasreen” for violin, alto, cello and strings orchestra (2002); “Risonanza magnetica” for piano and percussion orchestra (2003); “Concerto” for harp and strings orchestra (2003-2004); “Concerto for carillon and orchestra” (2005); “Arrivals Symphony” (2006); “Costruzione” for 12 cellos (2001); “Nuova costruzione” for eight winds (2002); “ Tankstream” for string quartet (2005); “Carillon on Joyce Yang” for piano and percussion instruments (2006); Four “Viola Fantasy”” for oboe soloist, trumpet soloist, piano soloist, vibraphone soloist (2006); “Mondrian Trio” for violin, cello and piano (2007); “Requiem per Michelangelo” for double choir of 8 singers (2007); Concerto for two pianos and orchestra (2007); “Carillon upon Min-On” for piano four hands (2008). 
For violin and orchestra: “Seven Ricercari and six Intermezzi”; “The eighth Ricercare”; “Ten songs for Sicilia”; “Musica celeste”; “L’idea fissa” for violin and percussion orchestra; “The bells of Moscow” for violin and percussion; “Velicianie Aleksandr Nevskij” for violin and choir of 13 singers; “Australia” for violin, didgeridoo, piano and percussion; “Russian fantasy” for violin and string orchestra (2005); “ Kazakh Fantasy” for violin and Kazakh orchestra (2006); “Bali” for violin and Indonesian Gamelan (2006). 
In Moscow and in USA symphonic programs have been dedicated entirely to his music and in Japan programs entirely to his chamber music. In St. Petersburg Marcello Abbado have inaugurated the Festival of the contemporary music playing the “Risonanza magnetica” for piano solo (2005) first performance, broadcast by 7 televisions.
Marcello Abbado has been a Jury member for many international competitions for chamber music, composition, conducting, singing, violin, piano including: “Beethoven” Vienna, “Bösendorfer” Brussels, “Busoni”, “Chopin Junior” Moscow, “Ciani”, La Scala Theater, Milan; Dublin; Kharkov in Ukraine; Leeds; London; “Min-On” Tokyo; Munich; Peking; Pretoria; “Prokofiev” and “Obraztsova” St. Petersburg; “Rubinstein” Tel Aviv; “Schubert” Dortmund; Sydney; “Tchaikovsky” Moscow; Taipei; Tokyo; “Van Cliburn” USA, “Vendome”.
Marcello Abbado was director of the Conservatory in Milan, between 1972 to 1996, and meanwhile in 1993 he co-founded along with Vladimir Delman, the Symphony Orchestra of Milan Giuseppe Verdi.
Marcello Abbado is member of the “Texas Piano Institute” in USA. Marcello Abbado is the only Italian pianist honorary Member of the “PTNA-Japan Piano Teachers Association” of Tokyo.