Martin Brödemann

The pianist, organist, componist and university lecturer Martin Brödemann was born in 1977 in Hagen.
He graduated in 2006 from the Cologne University of Music, the Wuppertal division, under the guidance of Florence Millet with an artistic diploma. Further tutorage under Jean Fassina, Michael Endres and Bernd Glemser rounds up his academic training. His intensive collaboration with Roland Pröll further polished his musical training.
Mr Brödemann is not only involved in various recordings (especially for the piano and organ) and numerous concerts, but enjoys his chamber music involvements, notably with Clemens Ratajczak and Howard Cohen. Moreover his versatility in a variety of other instruments and music genres allows him to work in a variety of cabaret and chanson programmes, for example with duo mortale, Nina Tripp, Lela Hakemi, etc. Martin Brödemann has been the main organist of the city parish of Hagen since 2004.
In 2007 he is appointed to teach in lied accompaniment at the university of Dortmund and has since taught at international master classes in Dortmund and Osnabrück for both classical and chamber music.
In the same year, he also intensified his compositional endeavors in the form of collaborations with the NonEM publishing house, which focuses on piano and pipe organ music. Since 2009 he has been working as lecturer for piano and chamber music at the music institute for the university of Osnabrück. Despite his extensive timetables of concerts and events he regularly attends the Easter festival of classical music in Cervo as their distinguished guest.